Edit a Service on a Load Balancer


After a Service has been added to a Load Balancer's Service Group, it may be edited at any time. All Basic Settings of a Service are eligible for edits and additional notes may also be added using the edit feature. Follow the steps below to edit a Service.

Edit a Service

  1. Access the Details screen for the desired Load Balancer on the Customer Portal. Refer to Access a Load Balancer's Details Screen.
  2. Select the dropdown arrow on the left for the desired Service.
  3. Edit any of the follow fields, as desired:
    • IP Address
    • Port
    • Heath Check Type
    • Weight
    • Enabled
    • Notes
  4. Click the Save Configuration button to update the Service. Click Cancel to cancel the action.

What Happens Next

After editing a Service, the edits will appear in the row containing the Service in the Service Grid. Additional edits may be made at any time by repeating the steps above.