Edit a User Profile


After a User Profile has been created in the Customer Portal, it may be edited at any time. Details associated with the User Profile include personal information, login settings, API access detail, user notification subscriptions and security questions. Follow the steps below to edit a User Profile in the Customer Portal.

Edit a User Profile

  1. Access the Users screen in the Customer Portal.  Refer to Access the Users Screen.
  2. Click the desired Username section to access the Edit User Profile screen.
  3. Edit the User Profile details as necessary. For users in accounts that use IBMid for authentication, update your email and password in your IBMid profile. Refer to the table below for more information:
    Section Field Definition
    Personal Information First Name, Last Name First and Last Name of the user associated with the User Profile
    Email Address Preferred email address to receive notifications from SoftLayer regarding the account. Changing the email address changes only the record in SoftLayer. This change does not affect the linkage to the IBMid  authentication credentials. You must change the email address for the IBMid from the IBMid profile.
    Time Zone Preferred Time Zone to use when displaying time-stamped data.
    Phone, Alt Phone Preferred contact phone numbers to be used by SoftLayer.
    Street Address, City, Country, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code Full address for contact to be used by SoftLayer.
    Log In Settings Restrict Access to IP IP Address to restrict access to when attempting to use the Customer Portal under the associated User Profile.
    Expire Password In (only for users in accounts that do NOT use IBMid for authentication) Amount of time in which a password should be associated with the User Profile before a new password must be selected
    Parent User User account that is considered the Parent User of the User Profile. The Parent User defaults to the primary account ID.
    Require Security Questions? Select this check box when security questions should be required upon login. If this box is selected, security questions should be executed for the User Profile.
    Portal Password (only for users in accounts that do NOT use IBMid for authentication) Desired password to be used for Customer Portal access. This password is used to access both the Manage and Control versions of the Customer Portal.
    VPN Password Desired password to be used for VPN access. Click the Use Portal Password for VPN check box to use the Customer Portal password to access SoftLayer network through VPN.
    API Access Information Allowed IPs IP addresses permitted to authenticate to the API using the unique API Key associated with the User Profile
    User Notification Subscriptions Billing Select the Billing check box to receive an email invoice after it has been created.
    Security Questions Security Question Desired question that must be answered in order to login when security questions have been activated for the SoftLayer User Profile.
    Answer Case sensitive answer to the applicable security question.
  4. Click the Edit User button to submit the changes to the User Profile. Click the Cancel button to cancel the action.

What Happens Next

After submitting edits to a User Profile, the changes will be applied by SoftLayer's systems immediately. At any time, changes may be made to the User Profile again by repeating the steps above.