Edit a User's Customer Portal Permissions


User permissions in the Customer Portal are set by the account administrator when the user is added and may be edited at any time by an authorized user. Permissions available are divided into five categories which are available on their respective tabs: support, devices, network, services, and account. Permissions may be updated for one user at a time and must be saved in order to become active. Follow the steps below to edit a user's Customer Portal permissions.

Edit a User's Customer Portal Permissions

  1. Access the Customer Portal using your unique credentials.
  2. Select Account > Users from the Navigation Bar to access the Users screen.
  3. Click the desired username to access the User Profile.
  4. Click the Permissions icon to access the Permissions screen.
    Note: A pop-up box may appear that changes haven't been saved to the User Profile. If no changes have been made to the profile, click through to discard changes and access the Permissions screen.
  5. Select permissions using either the Quick Permissions option or by selecting individual permissions. Refer to the table below for more information.

    If selecting permissions through... Then...
    Quick Permissions
    • Select the desired Permission Set from the Quick Permissions drop down list.
      Note: After selecting a permission set, each permission associated with the set is displayed in orange text with an orange arrow pointing to the check box.
    • Click the Set Permissions button to set the permissions for each tab.
    Individual permission selection Select or deselect each check box on the desired tabs to update the user's permissions. Click the Select All Permissions or Deselect All Permissions button on any tab to select or deselect all permissions at once.


  6. Perform one of the following steps to complete the process:
    • Click the Edit Portal Permissions to submit changes and update the user's permissions.
    • Click the Reset Permissions buttons to reset the user's permissions to the original settings.
    • Click the Cancel button to cancel the changes and return to the Users screen.

What Happens Next

User permissions are updated immediately after the changes are submitted. If permissions have been granted, the user will have the ability to view or interact with the selected features. If permissions have been removed, the user will no longer have the ability to view or interact with the selected features. Permissions may be updated again at any time by repeating teh steps above.