Edit a VLAN Name


Each VLAN is issued with a  permanent VLAN Number to assist in identifying the VLAN. Additionally, a user-specified VLAN Name may be assigned and edited at any time. VLAN Names are displayed both on the VLANs screen and when viewing the individual VLAN. The VLAN Name may be edited on either screen. We recommend using a similar naming convention for VLANs so they may be easily identified by all users on the account. Follow the steps below to edit a VLAN Name.

Edit a VLAN Name

  1. Access the VLANs screen in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the VLANs Screen.
  2. Determine if updating the VLAN Name on the VLANs screen or when viewing an individual VLAN.
    Note: The VLAN Name is editable from either screen; changes will be visible in all locations for the VLAN regardless of where the name is changed.
    If updating the VLAN Name... Then...
    On the VLANs Screen Click the Name cell for the desired VLAN to open the cell for edits.
    When viewing an individual VLAN
    • Access the desired VLAN. Refer to Access a VLAN.
    • Click the Name field to open the field for edits.
  3. Enter the new VLAN Name in the Name field.
  4. Click anywhere on the screen to close the field for edits and save the change.

What Happens Next

After editing a VLAN Name, the top left corner of the field will briefly turn red, indicating the change has been saved. At any time, the VLAN Name may be edited again by repeating the steps above.