Filter by Device, Software or User in the Password Tracking Tool


The SoftLayer, an IBM company, Customer Portal provides customers with a complimentary Password Tracking tool that allows users to track user/password combinations for devices on the SoftLayer network. When attempting to view, edit or delete a user from Password Tracking, filtering can assist in quickly locating a user when the list spans several rows or pages. Follow the steps below to filter by device, software or user in the Password Tracking tool.

Filter by Device, Software or User

  1. Access the Customer Portal using your unique credentials.
  2. Select Manage -> Passwords from the Devices drop down menu.
  3. Click the Filter tab.
  4. Enter the desired Device Name, Software and/or Username in their corresponding fields.
  5. Click the Filter button to filter the list.

What Happens Next

After filtering the list, the desired user information may be viewed, edited or deleted. Repeat the steps above at any time to filter the list using different or more specific parameters.