Generate an API Key


API keys are unique, alpha-numeric identifiers that allow users to securely access the API. The API may not be accessed without an API key, which is linked to a specific user and provides the same permissions in the API that the user has in the Customer Portal. In order to retrieve an API key, it must first be generated. API key generation is only required once and occurs almost immediately after the request has been made. Follow the steps below to generate an API key.

Generate an API Key

  1. Access the Users screen in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the Users Screen.
  2. Click the Generate link in the API Key column for the desired user to generate the API key.

What Happens Next

After generating an API key, the Generate link will change to a Show link, which allows users to view the API key at any time. Additionally, the API key may be removed, which will deactivate the key altogether, making the Generate link reappear. Repeat the steps above at any time to generate a new API key.