Getting started with the Softlayer VPN

There are a number of services that require accessing the private network. Often this may be to access the KVM of the server. The Softlayer VPN is one method that is available to access the private network, and is a method that can be used when you need to login to the private network, do your work, and then log out. Each account can be given VPN access and can be limited to the subnets to which they need access. Although the user will need VPN access enabled and will need to create a VPN password before they can login to the VPN.

Enable Users VPN Access

So to get started, you'll first need to enable VPN access on each account that needs VPN access. Every account starts without VPN access enabled, and this includes the master account. To enable VPN access go to Account > VPN Access in the softlayer control portal. There you'll find the row for each user that you can enable the VPN access for and a link under the VPN Access column. The link would read none if the user does not yet have VPN access enabled. If the user's VPN Access link reads SSL, PPTP, or SSL & PPTP then the user already has VPN access enabled.

To enable or change the VPN access types permitted for the user, click the link under the VPN Access column. In the next page you'd want to enable the VPN access type that the user should be permitted to utilize.

Set VPN Password

Then a VPN password will need to be created. Each user can create and update their VPN password. They will modify the VPN password in the Softlayer control portal by clicking your name at the top right to take you to the edit profile page. You can also click Account > Users and then click your user name.

Note: The above link reads "Master User". This link will read your name for sub users.

On the Edit User Profile page, just scroll down and initialize or update the VPN password.

Login to The VPN

Now that the VPN Access has be setup, you'll like want to next try to login. There are methods for each OS and VPN access type. For the SSL VPN access type, you can just visit and use one of the login point. You can use any VPN Access point you want, and you will be allowed the same access permissions to the private network in all the datacenters. So if you have trouble logging into one then you may just want to try another location. Another method to access the SSL VPN is using the standalone client. And you'll be able to use the standard OS utilities to login to the PPTP VPN.

Further Topics

Further topics to logging into the VPN with your OS and VPN type can be found in the knowlegelayer under the VPN Topics.