How can I setup QuantaStor to access object storage?


The QuantaStor appliance available from SoftLayer offers a more permanent solution for accessing your object storage account. The QuantaStor appliance acts as a storage gateway and allows you to create nfs/cifs endpoints from your object storage clusters. The endpoints can then be mounted and accessed like any other nfs/cifs share. The QuantaStor appliance uses the S3QL Python library to access your object storage account and shares many of the same features, namely: data-deduplication, encryption, and compression. The QuantaStor appliance also provides the ability to schedule backups and push them to your object storage account.

Advantages: GUI, advanced features (encryption, compression, dedup, local caching), scheduled backup of volumes to object storage
Disadvantages: Object storage containers cannot be shared by multiple hosts, configuration options are lacking (defaults assumed by QuantaStor)
Use Cases: Integrated solutions, Automated backup to the cloud, permanent storage mounts

Setup QuantaStor storage gateway

  1. Access your QuantaStor console.
  2. Click on the Cloud Containers tab.
  3. Click the Add Credentials button.
  4. Select SoftLayer Object Storage as your cloud provider and enter your object storage credentials and click OK.
  5. Click the Create button under the Cloud Container section.
  6. Fill in the form with the required information and click OK:
    • Name: Enter a name for the container, e.g., CloudStorage.
    • Cloud Provider: Select the SoftLayer Object Storage value that has the credentials you just entered./li>
    • Location: Select the data center where your new store is to be created.
    • Enable NFS/CIFS Access: Click in the checkbox if not already checked.
    • Encryption Key: Enter a password for your storage encryption key. Re-enter it in the Confirm Encryption Key field.
  7. In order to use the new container, mount it from a Linux machine. Open a new terminal and create a new directory to be used as our mount point: mkdir /mnt/quanta
  8. Mount the cloud storage container:
    mount.nfs4 :/
    mount.nfs4 /mnt/quanta
  9. Access the directory like any other local directory, with the difference being that it's backed by SoftLayer Object Storage.