Import an SSL Certificate


After an SSL Certificate is issued for a website, it may be imported into the Customer Portal. By importing SSL Certificates into the Customer Portal, the Certificates may be applied to products and services that may require them, such as Load Balancer's SSL Offloading. By default, SSL Certificates issued by SoftLayer are not imported into the list, as they are intended to be manipulated by the recipient only. Therefore, any SSL Certificate to be used with a SoftLayer product or service must be manually imported by an authorized user on the account. Follow the steps below to import an SSL Certificate to the Customer Portal.

Import an SSL Certificate

  1. Access the SSL Certificates screen on the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the SSL Certificates Screen.
  2. Click the Import SSL Certificate link at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter the SSL Certificate Details in the applicable text boxes. Refer to the table below for more information:
    Note: Details entered in the Import SSL Certificate pop-up box must be entered exactly as provided by the certificate authority, including spacing and line breaks. If not entered exactly as provided, an error will occur.

    Text BoxEntry

    CertificateSSL Certificate details, provided by the certificate authority. This is generally an alpha-numeric block of text.

    Private KeyPrivate Key details for the Certificate, provided by the certificate authority. This is generally an alpha-numeric block of text.

    Intermediate CertificateIntermediate Certificate details, provided by the certificate authority. Intermediate Certificates are not required, however, if the information is available for the SSL Certificate, it should be entered.

    Certificate Signing RequestCertificate Signing Request (CSR) details, provided by the certificate authority. CSR details are not required, but should be provided if they are part of the Certificate.
    Note: Do not change the CSR in any way. A public key may be included with the CSR and should not be replaced by the Private Key.

    NotesAny notes regarding the SSL Certificate that may be helpful to other users.

  4. Click the Import button to import the SSL Certificate. Click the Cancel button to cancel the action.

What Happens Next

After the SSL Certificate has been imported to the Customer Portal, it will be stored on the SSL Certificates screen until it is manually deleted. For all products or services requiring SSL Certificate details, the new SSL Certificate will appear in the list of available certificates for use when interacting with the SSL feature for the desired product or service. The certificate may be updated and details regarding the certificate may be securely downloaded at any time.