Install the Nimsoft Monitoring Robot


In order to allow advanced monitoring to function on an existing Bare Metal Server or Virtual Server, the Nimsoft Monitoring Robot must be installed. The Nimsoft Monitoring Robot allows the SoftLayer monitoring management system to communicate with the Bare Metal Server or Virtual Server on the Private Network. Upon installing the Nimsoft Monitoring Robot, it takes approximately five to ten minute for it to become available on the Customer Portal. Follow the steps below to install the Nimsoft Monitoring Robot in Windows or Linux.

Installation Notes

Prior to completing the procedure, the following ports must be open on to the Private Network:

  • tcp/48000
  • tcp/48001
  • tcp/48002

Additionally, ports tcp/48003 through tcp/50000 should be open for the Private Network to allow for full functionality used by the API. Opening these ports is optional, but if they are not enabled some monitoring agents may be affected. If errors are encountered during configuration, open ports tcp/48003 through tcp/50000 prior to opening a ticket for escalation. Keep in mind these additional limitations and requirements during the installation process:

  • openjdk is required for certain monitoring agents, such as Tomcat Monitoring Agent.
  • Some 64-bit Linux distributions may require glibc.i686 and nss-softtokn-freebl.i686.
  • SoftLayer’s monitoring system is not supported in FreeBSD.

If there is an error configuring the monitoring service on due to communication errors with the Nimsoft robot, the configuration process maybe paused due to the limited connectivity.  A common cause of this issue is a firewall or other security software blocking access to the system from our Nimsoft management servers.  Follow the process below to restart provisioning of the monitoring service:

Restart provisioning of a monitoring agent

  1. Log into the Customer Portal.
  2. Navigate to the Devices menu and select Monitoring.
  3. Find the system for which monitoring is being configured.
  4. Select "Redeploy all agents" under the Advanced drop in the right column.
  5. Choose a monitoring template on the Pop-In page.
  6. Click Re-Deploy

Install in Windows

  1. Visit to download the latest version of the Windows Installer to the device for installation (You must be connected to the SoftLayer VPN).
  2. Run the Nimsoft Monitoring Robot executable as an Administrator.

Install in Linux

  1. Connect to the private network through VPN.
  2. Download the 32-bit or 64-bit Linux Installer to the device for installation. Debian and Ubuntu versions are also available on the Nimsoft Installer.
  3. Run the following commands to complete the installation, replacing 32 with 64 if running a 64-bit installation:
    $ tar –xzvf NIMSOFT_LINUX_32.tar.gz
    $ cd NIMSOFT_LINUX_32
    $ ./

What Happens Next

After running the executable or command for installation, the system will automatically complete the process. In Windows, a pop-up box will appear with a confirmation of successful install or with information about any errors that may have occurred.