Make a Manual Zone Transfer for a Secondary DNS Zone


DNS Zone transfers are automatically completed based on the Secondary DNS transfer interval. Manual Zone transfers may be completed to force content to transfer that would otherwise wait until the next automatic transfer. In order to complete a manual transfer, a Secondary DNS Zone must be established. Follow the steps below to make a manual Zone transfer for a Secondary DNS.

Make a Manual Zone Transfer

  1. Access the Secondary DNS Zones screen in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the DNS Zones Screen.
  2. Select Force Transfer from the Actions drop down list to begin the transfer.

What Happens next

After the transfer begins, the Status will change to Transferring now. Manual transfers may not be canceled after they begin. After data has been transferred, data transfers will return to the transfer interval previously set for the Secondary DNS. The transfer interval may be changed at any time to avoid the need to make manual Zone transfers on a frequent basis.