Manage IBM COS (S3) Credentials

Using the Bluemix and portal to view credentials

  1. Credentials can be viewed, by clicking the View Credentials link on the left side of an Account Details page (the view that shows a list of buckets in the account).
  2. Click the credentials header to expand and show the credentials.
  3. An account can have a maximum of two credentials at once. This allows for credentials to be rotated in applications without interruption. A new credential can be created, by clicking the Add credential button just below the Credentials header.
  4. A credential can also be deleted, by clicking the - button to the right of the credential. A confirmation dialog will pop-up for confirmation before the credential is deleted.
  5. The page also shows the various authentication endpoints that can be used to access the account.

Note: The Bluemix user interface portal provides a high level view of a storage account. It is possible to view credentials and endpoints using the portal as well as by using the Softlayer API.

More information:

COS S3 API reference: