Migrate a Container to a different Hardware Node

1)                    You will need to insure that you have both Hardware Nodes setup in PIM

2)                    Browse to Infrastructure and the Hardware Node that the Container is currently on.

3)                    Select the Container and click the Migrate button.

a.       Select the Destination Node

b.      Select if you wish for the migration to be performed live.  Depending on the size of the current Container this may not be feasible as the majority of the Containers information will need to be held in RAM until the migration is complete.

c.       Under Advanced you can select if you wish to remove the Containers files on the source node after migration, specify to not automatically start the Container on the destination node, or force the migration (which may cause issues if  you have another node using the same IP –or- if the destination node does not have the correct Application/OS Templates Installed and Cached)

4)                    View the Details to monitor the migration process.


5)                    You have now completed the migration.  You will notice that the Container will automatically be moved to the destination node, under Infrastructure in the left menu pane, upon completion.