Order a New Device from a Flex Image Template


Flex Image templates are generated in order to create new machines based on either the virtual or physical node that already exists. After creating a Flex Image template, you may order monthly and hour Virtual Servers and/or Bare Metal Servers with software and storage options pre-selected based on the image. Follow the steps below to order a new machine from an existing Flex Image template.

Order a New Device from a Flex Image

  1. Access the Customer Portal using your unique credentials.
  2. Select Images from the Devices drop down menu.
  3. Select the appropriate options from the Image View drop down list:
    • Private Images (default view) displays all images associated with the account.
    • Public Images displays images of pre-configured machines from SoftLayer that are viewable to all Portal users.


  4. Select the appropriate option from the Actions drop down list based on the order being made. Refer to the table below for more information on the selections. An order form will open in a new window.
    Desired Order Drop Down List Selection
    Monthly-Billed Virtual Server  Order Monthly
    Hourly-Billed Virtual Server  Order Hourly
    Bare Metal Server Order Bare Metal Server


  5. Complete the outstanding sections of the order formed based on the desired specifications for the new machine.

What Happens Next

After ordering a device from a Flex Image, the normal provisioning process takes place. Based on the type of device ordered, the turnaround time for provisioning will vary. At any time the Flex Image may be used again to provision another device.