Order VMware Licenses

Streamlining the VMware license ordering process

VMware administrators understand that they can quickly realize the cost-effective hyrbrid cloud characteristics by deploying into SoftLayer's enterprise-grade Global Cloud (VMware@SoftLayer).  One of the characteristics is that vSphere workloads and catalogs can be provisioned onto VMware vSphere environments within SoftLayer's Global Cloud data centers without modification to VMware VMs or guests.  The use of a common vSphere hypervisor and management/orchestration platform make these deployments possible.

vSphere implementation in SoftLayer also enable utiliziation of other components.  Table 1 contains a list of VMware products that are now available for ordering through the SoftLayer Customer Portal.  Pricing information can be found under VMware Solutions.

Table 1. VMware products available in the Softlayer Customer Portal
Product Name
VMware vCenter Server Standard
VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus
VMware vRealize Operations Enterprise Edition
VMware vRealize Automation Enterprise
VMware vRealize Automation Advanced
VMware NSX-V
VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO)
Virtual SAN Standard Tier 1 (0-20 TB)
Virtual SAN Standard Tier 2 (21-64 TB)
Virtual SAN Standard Tier 3 (65-124TB)
VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

Use the following steps to order licenses for the VMware products listed in Table 1:

  1. Log in to the SoftLayer Customer Portal.
  2. Click Devices > Managed > VMware Licenses.

    Figure 1. Steps to VMware Licenses page

  3. Click on Order VMware licenses in the top right-hand corner of the VMware Licenses page.

    Figure 2. Order VMware Licenses

  4. Click the drop-down list under Clicking Add License… to list the VMware products and number of CPUs for the licenses you want to order (Figure 3).

    Note: VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus (ESXi 6.0) will not be ordered through this process. It is still ordered as a requested OS when you order your bare metal server.

    Figure 3. Select the VMware product and number of CPUs

  5. View the price of the VMware product you selected on the far right of the screen.

    Figure 4. View your selection before continuing the ordering process

  6. Click Continue to order the licenses or you can click Add License to add additional licenses.

    Once you click Continue, you are taken back to the VMware Licenses page, which displays your VMware product(s) and license key(s).

    Figure 5. List of VMware products and license keys

  7. Download the Install Files from the link on this page. You will need to have an SSL connection to the SoftLayer private network to be able to access the download page.
  8. Download the correct VMware product(s) and manually install them into your vSphere environment.