Overview of Parallels Server 4 Bare Metal

Parallels Server Bare Metal is a virtualization solution that provides Hardware Virtualization along side the Software Virtualization of Virtuozzo, providing technology for both Virtual Machines and Containers*. 

Command Line Interface

Along with the usual Virtuozzo commands, we now have the addition of pctl, pmigrate, pstat, and prl_disk_tool.


You can now migrate Virtuozzo Containers to Virtual Machines, physical servers to Virtuozzo Containers and physical servers to Virtual Machines to allow for consolidation of services.This functionality also allows for one to migrate Containers or VM's between Bare Metal servers, convert VM's created on different virtualized environments (V2V), and change Windows SID's when cloning or deploying a Windows VM from a template. Remember to not put all of your eggs into a single basket, but instead diversely architect your environment to meet your needs while maintaining a strong backup strategy.

IP Address usage and VLAN's

VM's can be assigned IP's from the physical server with the use of Parallels Tools within the VM. In addition to this PSBM allows for Virtual Switches and VLANs to be created within the VM's to better secure intra-VM network traffic.

Executing commands

You can execute raw commands from the physical server directly within the Virtuozzo Containers and now within VM's (when Parallels Tools are installed within the VM), including resetting user passwords.

Process Accounting

Parallels Server Bare Metal allows you to Raise and Lower the priority of resources allocated (CPU, Disk I/O Priority) to a VM on the fly.


Parallels Server Bare Metal provides the functionality to backup and restore both VM's and Containers on either the local Bare Metal server or a remote Bare Metal server, including full and incremental backups.

Network accounting

Parallels Server Bare Metal allows you to easily view and locate VM's or Containers based on current and historical network throughput.


Parallels Server Bare Metal will use Portable IP Addresses, while Virtuozzo will use either Portable or Static IP Addresses(depending on the configuration)

* SoftLayer licenses only Hardware Virtual Machines on Parallels Server 4 Bare Metal, unless otherwise indicated on the order form. 
VM == Virtual Machine while VPS or Container == V