Perform an OS Reload


OS Reloads may be peformed on a device at any time to restore a device to its original working order or to reconfigure a device with different software. OS reloads result in all data being swept from the device and a "like new" configuration being applied as specified during the configuration process of the OS Reload setup. Because OS reloads clear all data from the device, if the data has not been backed up prior to the reload, it will be permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved. We strongly suggest that all data is backed up prior to performing this action. Follow the steps below to perform an OS reload on a device.

Perform an OS Reload







  1. Access the Device List on the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the Device List.
  2. Click on the Server that has been selected for the OS Reload.
  3. Select OS Reload from the Actions drop down menu on the top left of the page.
  4. Determine if performing an OS Reload to reload the existing configuration or to reload the device with an updated configuration:
    If performing an OS Reload to reload the device with... Then...
    A new configuration
    • Click the Edit link for the Category requiring update.
    • Select the new Software to apply to the device from the Select Software drop down list.
    The existing configuration Proceed to the next step.
  5. Determine if a Post Install script should be applied after the device is provisioned.
    If a Post Install script... Then...
    Should be applied after the device is provisioned Select the existing script from the Existing Script drop down list or enter the Qualified URL for the new script in the New Script field.
    Should not be applied after the device is provisioned Proceed to the next step.
  6. For physical devices, determine if installed partitions should be added, removed or remain unchanged.
    If installed partition should... Then...
    Be added
    • Click the Add Another Partition link.
    • Enter the exact name of the partition in the Name field.
    • Enter the partition size, in GB, in the Size field.
    • If desired, select the Grow radio button to grow the partition to fill the remaining disk space.
      Note: Only one partition may be selected to "grow" at any time. This partition will be larger than the specified size, and will fill all available capacity. This is calculated by subtracting the combined size of all other partitions from the Total Capacity number provided in the Installed Partitions section.
    Be deleted Click the Delete icon to delete the partition.
    Remain unchanged Proceed to the next step.
  7. Determine if one or more SSH Key should be applied to the device.
    If an SSH Key... Then...
    Should not be applied to the device Proceed to the next step.
    Should be applied to the device Click the checkbox(es) for the applicable SSH Key(s) to be applied to the device.
  8. Select the applicable Options checkboxes for the desired options to be applied during or after the OS Reload.
    Note: Options vary based on device. Not all options will be present for every device.
  9. Click the Reload Above Configuration button to proceed to the Review pop-up. Click the Cancel button to cancel the changes to the device and exit the screen.
  10. Verify that all details in the New Configuration section are correct.
    If the details in the New Configuration section are... Then
    Correct Click the Next button to advance to the Confirm pop-up.
    Incorrect Click the Edit Settings button to return to the previous screen and update the incorrect configuration details
    Neither correct nor incorrect, but the OS Reload should be canceled Click the Cancel link to cancel the transaction.
  11. Click the Confirm OS Reload button to confirm and initiate the OS Reload. Click the Cancel button to cancel the action.

What Happens Next

After initiating the OS Reload process, the device will be taken offline and the OS Reload process will begin. The time period in which an OS reload takes place varies based on the current and new configuration of the device. Throughout the configuration process, the minimum time for the OS Reload was displayed on each screen. The timeframe displayed is an estimate made by the system and is given as a courtesy. If the reload takes longer than 24 hours, please contact our Support team. When the device returns online, it will function as specified in the New Configuration for the OS Reload. All data previously saved to the device will be lost, but can be restored if a backup was made of the device prior to its reload. If data was not backed up, it cannot be retrieved.