Perform a WHOIS Query Using SoftLayer's Website


SoftLayer's website offers a public WHOIS query tool that may be used by anyone with access to a web browser. The public WHOIS query tool performs the same actions as the WHOIS tool on the Customer Portal without requiring user authentication. Follow the steps below to perform a WHOIS query using SoftLayer's website.

Perform a WHOIS Query

  1. Access the WHOIS screen on SoftLayer's website.
  2. Enter the domain name or IP Address that requires research in the Domain Name field.
  3. Enter the text from the CAPTCHA image in the text box below the image.
  4. Click the Submit button to submit the WHOIS query.

What Happens Next

After submitting the query, the results are displayed below the Submit button. Generally, valid results are returned. If an error was encountered, verify that the details entered for the Domain Name or IP were accurate. If no information is returned, it is possible that the domain entered does not exist. This is possible if searching for a domain to check for its availability and no domain is registered or when searching for a domain generating suspicious emails, as domains sending those emails are often hidden and replaced with a "dummy" domain. To submit another request, complete the fields again with the new data.