QuantaStor StorageLink Xenserver Configuration

Installing the QuantaStor Adapter for Citrix StorageLink:
1.    Ensure that your installation of XenServer is properly licensed for StorageLink.
Please note that only customers who have subscribed to the "Enterprise" or "Platinum" licenses through Citrix will be able to use the StorageLink feature.  Customers who have the "Advanced" Citrix XenServer License it will not have access to the StorageLink feature.
2.    Stop the StorageLink service by typing the following command at an administrator command prompt or by stopping the StorageLink service from the Services Panel in XenServer.
c:\> net stop storagelink
3.    Download and run the StorageLink adapter available from OSNexus: http://www.osnexus.com/trynow/.
4.    After the service has been stopped you can install the QuantaStor StorageLink adapter by executing "osn_quantastor_csladapter.exe.
5.    Add this block of XML to the end of the StorageLink configuration located at:
C:\Program Files\Citrix\StorageLink\Server\scsi_device_id_config.xml

At the top of this file you'll find a version number that looks like this:  Increase the version number, for example: This tells StorageLink that it needs to upgrade your XenServer systems with these new device identification rules.
6.    Restart the Citrix StorageLink service: 
c:\> net start storagelink

Verify that StorageLink has been properly loaded:

1.    Log into Citrix StorageLink Manager, select the "Administration" tree on the left hand side and look for OS NEXUS QuantaStor in the list:


2.   At this point, you'll need to add your storage system credentials so that StorageLink can dynamically configure and allocate storage volumes for you QuantaStor storage system.


Installing the XenServer multipath configuration settings:
XenServer utilizes the Linux device-mapper multipath driver (dmmp) to enable support for hardware multi-pathing. The dmmp driver has a configuration file called multipath.conf that contains the multipath mode and failover rules for each vendor.

There are some special rules that need to be added to the multipath.conf file for QuantaStor. Edit the /etc/multipath-enabled.conf file located on each of XenServer dom0 nodes.  In that file, add the stanza below after the last device { } section:
       device {
               vendor                  "OSNEXUS"
               product                 "QUANTASTOR"
               getuid_callout          "/sbin/scsi_id -g -u -s /block/%n"
               path_selector           "round-robin 0"
               path_grouping_policy    multibus
               failback                immediate
               rr_weight               uniform
               rr_min_io               100
               path_checker            tur