Rename a Device


After a device has been provisioned, it may be renamed at any time. Both Bare Metal Servers and Virtual Servers may be renamed at any time. Follow the steps below to rename a device.

Rename a Device

  1. Access the Device List in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the Device List.
  2. Click the Actions drop down list for the device.
  3. Select Rename Instance for Virtual Servers, or Rename Device for Bare Metal Servers.
  4. Enter the device’s new host name in the Hostname field, if applicable.
  5. Enter the device’s new domain in the Domain field, if applicable.
  6. Click the Rename button to rename the device. Click the Cancel button to cancel the action.

What Happens Next

After renaming the device, the name will automatically be updated in the Customer Portal. When performing a search within the Portal, use the new device name when attempting to locate content associated with it. Repeat the steps above to rename the device again at any time.