Set Up PPTP VPN for Ubuntu


PPTP VPN connection allows for remote connection to SoftLayer's Private Network from a desktop or dedicated device.  Connecting to the Private Network through PPTP is available for multiple operating systems, including Ubuntu.  Users may connect of any SoftLayer data center by entering the data center's unique destination address upon setup.  Follow the steps below to set up a PPTP VPN connection in Ubuntu.

Set Up a PPTP VPN Connection

To set up a PPTP VPN connection in Ubuntu, refer to Ubuntu's VPNClient documentation and use the following information to complete the connection:

Data Center Location

Data Center Internet Address

Dallas, TX

Seattle, WA

San Jose, CA

Washington, DC

Amsterdam, NL

Singapore, SG

Houston, TX

Hong Kong, HK

Melbourne, AU

London, GB

Paris, FR

Toronto, CA

Tokyo, JP

  • For the VPN gateway or URL, refer to the table below for the address that corresponds to the desired connection location:

  • Use your Customer Portal Username as the username for your VPN authentication.
  • Use your the VPN Password you set as the password for your VPN authentication.