Show an API Key


API keys are unique, alpha-numeric identifiers that allow users to securely access the API. The API may not be accessed without an API key, which is linked to a specific user and provides the same permissions in the API that the user has in the Customer Portal. The API key may be shown at any time from the Users screen in the Customer Portal. Follow the steps below to show an API key.

Show an API Key

  1. Access the Users screen in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the Users Screen.
  2. Click the Show link in the API Key column to show the API key. A pop-up box will appear displaying the API key.
  3. Click the OK button after recording the API key to close the pop-up box and return to the Users screen.

What Happens Next

The API key is a static identifier, so the key will not change unless a user with administrative access or the user associated with the API key manually changes the key. The API key may be shown again at any time by repeating the steps above. If an API key has been compromised it may be removed, allowing for a new API key to be generated at any time.