SSH Keys

SSH Key Management Overview You may add, remove, or modify SSH keys on your account. Here are the details:

  • You may also select or unselect additional keys.
  • You can add up to 100 SSH keys per account
  • Upon adding a key, we will generate a fingerprint which is a short sequence of bytes used to authenticate or look up a public key.
  • You can select multiple keys to be implemented on a server from the list of keys added to the account for server provisions or reloads.
  • Provisions or OS reloads from image templates will pre-populate the form of previously used SSH keys for that server or image template.
  • Creating image templates and flex images will associate SSH keys that were implemented on the server with the newly created template.
  • Once provisioned, you may access the server without using a password from clients that correspond to each public key implemented on the server.

Managing SSH Keys The SSH Keys on your account are all controlled via the Customer Portal. To access this page, simply go to the SoftLayer portal, then go to “Devices” > "Manage" > “SSH Keys”

This page will display any SSH Keys that are attached to your account.  

Adding SSH Keys Adding a SSH Key is easy.

  1. Click the “Add Key” link. This will bring up the Add SSH Key window.
  2. You can now either choose to upload a public key file by clicking on ‘Browse,’ or paste the contents of your public key into the ‘Key Contents’ dialog.
  3. Assign it a label. You may also add a note if you wish.
  4. Hit Add.

You have now successfully added a SSH Key to your account.  

Utilizing Keys To utilize keys for provisions, simply select the SSH Key you would like to use on the server order page. This line is on the last page of the order form below the “Provision Scripts” line.