SSL VPN for Mac OS X 10.10

With recent updates to improve on the OS X environment, the ability to utilize the SoftLayer SSL VPN connection has resulted in errors in connection. There is a stand-alone client however that allows for these connections to be re-established once more. The download for this client is found via the following link: StandAlone Mac OS X Client. Once downloaded, you should be able to utilize the following instructions to get connected:

  1. Unzip files and locate the directory ArraySSLVPN
  2. Run installer install
  3. Installer should come back with Install Finish
  4. You may then run the application called ArraySSL VPN that has an A icon usually located in the Launchpad.
    Note:You can move the application into your Applications folder to make it easier to find if you wish
  5. Click Profile and click create.
  6. Fill in Profile Name, Site Host, VPN Username, and VPN Password then click save.
  7. Double click on the profile and it should connect.


    An example may be found with the following:




    A couple of notes: You must enable 'Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere' under your System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General settings NOTE: 'site' may be either a domain name or IP address. If the tunnel isn't correctly directing traffic, you may need to manually add routes