SSL VPN for Mac OS X 10.11-12

Due to changes in the in macOS the process for getting the ArraySSLVPN standalone client connected on 10.11 and 10.12 has changed somewhat. Once you have downloaded the Standalone client you will need to edit the file and make the following 2 changes. 

Line 4: cs_dir="/usr/array_cs" is changed to cs_dir="$HOME/array_cs"

Line 21: /usr/array_cs/scpt.dat is changed to "$HOME"/array_cs/scpt.dat

Once those 2 changes are made, you can start the install process with the command sudo ./

When the install completes you can continue the connection steps from the SSL VPN for Mac OS X 10.10 guide, starting on Step 4. 

Note: Please if you have a previous verison installed, make sure you unistall it first before installing the updated version.