Understanding UBC / User Beancounter Values

Please use SLM Mode if UBC is not completely understood.  SLM is much easier and provides the same type of control.

Name Type Description
Main parameters
numproc system Number of processes and threads
numtcpsock system Number of TCP sockets
numothersock system Number of sockets other than TCP
vmguardpages system Memory allocation guarantee
cpuunits cpu CPU power
diskspace disk Disk space quota
rate network Network bandwidth
ratebound network Whether network bandwidth is limited
Additional parameters
kmemsize system Size of unswappable kernel memory allocated for processes in this Container
tcpsndbuf system Total size of TCP send buffers
tcprcvbuf system Total size of TCP receive buffers
othersockbuf system Total size of UNIX-domain socket buffers, UDP and other datagram protocol send buffers
dgramrcvbuf system Receive buffers of UDP and other datagram protocols
oomguardpages system The guaranteed amount of memory for the case the memory is over-booked (out-of-memory kill guarantee)
privvmpages system Memory allocation limit
lockedpages system Process pages not allowed to be swapped out (paged locked by mlock(2))
shmpages system Total size of shared memory (IPC, shared anonymous mappings and tmpfs objects), in pages
physpages system Total number of RAM pages used by processes
numfile system Number of open files
numflock system Number of file locks
numpty system Number of pseudo-terminals
numsiginfo system Number of siginfo structures
dcachesize system Total size of dentry and inode structures locked in memory
numiptent system Number of NETFILTER (IP packet filtering) entries
cpulimit cpu Limit on CPU consumption
diskinodes disk Disk inode quota
quotatime disk Disk quota grace period
quotaugidlimit disk Limit on the number of uid and gid accounting entries

You can access the PDF (VzLinuxUBCMgmt.pdf,) or view it in HTML, within PIM on your server by browsing to:
Management -> Support -> Downloads -> Management of UBC Resources Administrator's Guide

Additional information is available at the following, although not everything in OpenVZ is the same as Virtuozzo.