Update an Event Management System Subscription


The Event Management System is a toolset in which notifications regarding unplanned infrastructure issues, upcoming planned maintenance and other service-impacting events is distributed to our users. This subscription-based system currently issues email alerts for these events to any user who has subscribed to the service. By default, each new and existing Customer Portal user will initially be unsubscribed. Manual subscription is required in order to receive notifications associated with this system. All subscription updates to the Event Management System currently take place on the Subscriptions page in the Customer Portal. Follow the steps below to update subscription settings to the Event Management System.

Update Subscription Settings

  1. Access the Customer Portal using your unique credentials.
  2. Select Account > Manage Subscriptions from the Navigation Bar to access the Subscriptions page.
  3. Click the desired subscription from the Subscription column.
  4. Click the Yes checkbox to subscribe a subscription or uncheck the Yes checkbox to unsubscribe the subscription.

What Happens Next

After updating subscription options in the Customer Portal, a user's subscription settings are immediately updated.  If subscribing to notifications, the user will begin to receive requested notifications.  If unsubscribing, notifications will cease. At any time, the subscription settings may be updated again by repeating the steps above.