Update an Existing Ticket


After creating a ticket, it may be updated at any time to include additional comments or attachments and it may also be assigned to another user on the account. Many times, comments or attachments will be necessary to communicated with a member of our Support team when assisting with issue resolution. Follow the steps below to update an existing ticket.

Update a Ticket

  1. View the ticket to be updated. Refer to View an Existing Ticket.
  2. Update the ticket as necessary. Refer to the table below for available interactions and their required steps:

    Desired Interaction Required Step(s)
    Reassign a Ticket Select the user to which the ticket will be reassigned from the Reassign drop down list.
    Add a Comment Enter any comments in the Comment text box.
    Attach a File
    • Click the Attach Files button.
    • Select the files to be attached to the ticket.
      Note: Up to two (2) files may be attached to a ticket.



  3. Click the Update button to update the ticket. Click the Cancel button to cancel the update.
    Note: At any time during the update process, you may open a chat session with a Support team member for assistance. Click the Start Chat button to open the chat session.


What Happens Next

If the ticket was reassigned, the new assignee will be the primary point of contact for issue resolution. If a comment or attachment was added, the Support team member working on the ticket will review the new information to assist in issue resolution. At any time, additional information may be added by repeating the steps above.