Upgrade Netscaler

NOTE You must be connected to the VPN before attempting this procedure.

1) Log into Netscaler Management IP.
2) Click on the Upgrade Wizard.
3) Click on Next.
4) On the Upload Software screen, browse to the location of the file downloaded from the following location for the upgrade. The upgrade file will need to be downloaded while connected to the private network:

Netscaler Available Versions

5) Click on Next.
6) On the Manage License page, click on next without doing anything.
7) On the Clean-up/Reboot screen, choose either option or both and then click on next.
Please note that you will need to reboot after the update.
Automatically move files to create space in flash option will delete any unused kernels.
8) Then click on Next.
9) On the summary screen it will show you the version that you are going to upgrade to. When ready, click on Finish to complete the process.