Using SSL VPN.

1. Click on the SSL VPN Login link in the control portal by going to Support > SSL VPN Login from the navigation menu and input your credentials
2. The SSL VPN tunnel is established when you see the "A" in your task bar.
3. Congrats - you are now in your private VLAN.

Now...what do I do?

1. Use SSH or RDC (terminal services) to connect to your server private IP address 10.x.x.x for server management
2. Connect to your IPMI 2.0 Card via the SuperMicro software to utilize remote console or reboot - see portal for download instructions.
3. Map a drive to your server (windows) or mount a drive to your server (Red Hat).
4. See previous list of "stuff you can do over the private network"

Tips and Tricks

1. Your IPMI IP and Private IP are one digit apart - don't get them mixed up.
2. You cannot SSH or RDC to the IPMI card - Must use the software
3. Your IPMI IP and Private IP are found in your hardware section under each Server
4. Your IPMI card "listens" on the private IP interface and re-directs IPMI traffic to the IPMI card.


If you disable eth0 (private network interface), you will lose all IPMI functionality including monitoring, remote console, remote reboot, and more. If you want to lock down access to the private interface.....see our list of allowed IP addresses to put in your IP Tables or Server Firewall.