View an Account's Audit Log


Each Customer Portal account comes with an audit log which tracks interactions each user has within the Customer Portal. Tracked interactions include login attempts (success and failures), port speed updates, power on/off and reboots, and those interactions made by SoftLayer support staff. Follow the steps below to view an account's audit log.

View an Account's Audit Log

  1. Access the Customer Portal using your unique credentials.
  2. Select Account > Audit Log from the Navigation Bar to access the audit log.

What Happens Next

The audit log initially displays the last 25 interactions taken by users on the account. Up to 200 interactions may be viewed at any time. Update the number of results shown from the Display drop down list. If settings were changed, the Action column for the interaction will contain a link. Click any link to view the setting impacted by the action and details on the change. Clicking the device name or username for any interaction will result in a redirect to either the device details screen or user profile screen, respectively.