View and Manage Security Details


The Security tab for your device displays active users with device access, results of the last five vulnerability scans and KVM console access logs. From this tab you have ability to manage users and view all and initiate new scans for your device. Follow the steps below to view and manage the security details for your device.

View and Manage Security

If you would like to... Then...
Manage users
  • Click Manage Users.
  • Proceed to manage users accordingly.
Run a new security scan Click the Scan button, The results will appear in the Last 5 Vulnerability Scans box when they are available.
View all security scans Click View All. You will be redirected to the Vulnerability Scans screen for the device.
  1. Access the Device List. Refer to Access the Device List.
  2. Click the Device Name to access the device.
  3. Click the Security tab to view current security details. Proceed to the next step to manage the security details for the device.
  4. Determine if you would like to manage users, view all security scans for your device or run a new security scan.