View CDN Usage on a Graph


Usage for a CDN account may be viewed at any time in the Customer Portal on a Usage Graph. Usage Graphs display either bandwidth or FTP usage on your CDN Account for a variety of date ranges that may be selected when setting up the graph. Follow the steps below to view CDN usage on a graph.

View CDN Usage

  1. Access the CDN screen on the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the CDN Screen.
  2. Click the Account ID for the desired CDN Account to access the account.
  3. Click the Usage tab.
  4. Select the type of u sage to be displayed from the Type drop down list.
  5. Select the desired date range for the usage from the Date Range drop down list.
    Note: If Custom Date Range is selected, enter the date range in the From and To fields. Otherwise, the fields will display the actual dates covered in the selected range.
  6. Click the Draw Chart button to generate the usage graph.

What Happens Next

After generating the usage graph, the graph will be displayed on the screen below the parameters that were selected for the graph. Graph ranges will vary based on usage and dates, so each graph generated may be unique based on the parameters that were selected. To generate another graph, return to Step 4 and complete the remaining steps in the procedure.