View an Existing Ticket


After adding a ticket, it may be viewed at any time on the Tickets screen. Follow the steps below to view an existing ticket.

View an Existing Ticket

  1. Access the Customer Portal using your unique credentials.
  2. Select Tickets from the Support drop down list.
  3. Select the status of the ticket from the Category drop down list to filter the view. Available options include:

    Ticket Category Description
    Open Tickets All tickets that are currently open
    Assigned Tickets All open tickets that have already been assigned
    Closed Tickets All closed tickets
    All Tickets All tickets associated the the account, regardless of status


  4. Click the Ticket Number to view the details of the ticket.

What Happens Next

When viewing a ticket on the Customer Portal, all details regarding the ticket and its history are available. From this view, the ticket may be updated by adding attachments or comments and it may also be reassigned. To learn more about these actions, refer to Update an Existing Ticket.