View an Invoice


Invoices for SoftLayer accounts are available on the Customer Portal and may be viewed or paid at any time from the Invoices screen. On the Invoices screen, each individual invoice is summarized by Invoice Number, Date, Invoice Type and various monetary balances. Invoice Types may fall into the following categories:

  • New, which is the first invoice in a series of recurring invoices.
  • Recurring, which is an invoice for recurring charges that have been active on the account for more than one month.
  • One-Time-Charge is a one-time charge for various expenses, which may include overages.
  • Credit, a credit from SoftLayer to the account balance.
  • Refund, which is a refund, or reversal, for either a one-time or recurring charge.

The Invoices screen also displays a billing summary for the account, including the current and estimated next balance, payment method and last and next recurring invoice dates. Follow the steps below to view an invoice.

View an Invoice

  1. Access the Customer Portal using your unique credentials.
  2. Expand the Account drop down menu and select Invoices from the Billing expansion.
  3. Determine if you would like to view the invoice in the Customer Portal or download the the invoice.

    If you would like to... Then...
    View the invoice in the Customer Portal Click the Invoice Number link to access the invoice.
    Download the invoice
    • Select Download Excel from the Download Invoice option to download the invoice in a spreadsheet.
    • Select Download PDF from the Download Invoice section to download the invoice in a PDF.

What Happens Next

If viewing the invoice in the Customer Portal, an itemized list of billing items will appear for the selected invoice. Click anywhere on the line for a billing item to view additional itemized details regarding the charge. If an invoice was downloaded, it will become available for view based on your browser settings. Downloaded invoices provide both an itemized summary and itemized detailed billing for each billing item.