View IPMI Credentials


KVM over IP access is enabled for all SoftLayer accounts; however, IPMIView must be downloaded and requires authentication prior to its use. In order to log in to IPMIView for a device upon its download, device-specific credentials are required. Details regarding a device's IPMI are stored in the Customer Portal and include the IPMI status, user name, password and IP Address. Follow the steps below to view the IPMI credentials in the SoftLayer Customer Portal.

View IPMI Credentials

  1. Access the Device List in the Customer Portal.  Refer to Access the Device List.
  2. Click the Device Name link for the desired device to access the Device View.
    Note: Upon accessing the Device View, all IPMI details are in the location of the screen containing the IPMI Status.
  3. Select the Show check box next to the Password in the IPMI section to view the IPMI password.

What Happens Next

After retrieving a device's IPMI credentials, use the credentials to log into IPMIView and perform tasks like mounting an ISO. The IPMI credentials may be accessed again at any time by returning to the details using the steps above.