SoftLayer Revenue Services (Accounting) is dedicated to assisting customers with all aspects of SoftLayer billing, including payments, charge backs and general billing inquiries.  In addition to assisting customers with day-to-day financial interactions with SoftLayer, our Revenue Services team is also responsible for ensuring customers are billed accurately and will work to resolve billing issues as quickly as possible. 

At SoftLayer we understand that discussing your finances with appropriate parties is just as important as getting your billing and payments correct.  When you reach out to Revenue Services, your identity will be verified unless you are contacting us when logged into your account to ensure that the only people receiving financial information about your SoftLayer account are authorized to do so. 

Should you ever run into any questions or concerns about your bill, payment or charges made to your account, our Revenue Services team is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Feel free to contact a Revenue Services team member at one of the methods listed below: