Hardware Security Module (HSM)

The introduction of IBM Cloud Hardware Security Module (HSM) helps to solve these challenges with migrating data and worloads to the cloud by by providing on-demand encryption, key management, and key storage as a managed service built on a high assurance Hardware Security Module (HSM). In this way, IBM Cloud HSM acts as a root of trust for SoftLayer’s global enterprise key management platform.  IBM Cloud HSM employs a keys-in-hardware approach that protects the entire key lifecycle within the FIPS 140-2 validated confines of the hardware appliance. This method ensures that your keys always benefit from both physical and logical protections of the IBM Cloud HSM and prevents unwanted third party access to your keys.

IBM Cloud HSM empowers organizations with customer owned encryption by ensuring only you can access encryption keys for your company’s data in the IBM SoftLayer cloud.  CloudHSM is a real HSM appliance that is provisioned as a dedicated appliance that is attached to a private VLAN. To Order a HSM contact Sales and provide the DC Location and the Private VLAN on which the HSM should be provisioned.