An IBMid is a single ID that you use to log into your Bluemix account for infrastructure, services, and application features. Your IBMid is the same ID that you can use to access other IBM applications.

IBMid authentication is now enabled for all new accounts in SoftLayer. And, existing SoftLayer accounts can switch to IBMid authentication. Bluemix already uses IBMid authentication.  There are some requirements for uniqueness for this email address:

  • The email address must not already be in use as an IBMid by another user in the same account.  This is because an IBMid can be associated with only one SoftLayer user per account.
  • The email address must not already have been invited to create an IBMid in an active invitation from a user in the same account.
  • If the migrating user is the SoftLayer account Master user, then you must link to an IBMid that is the account owner of the linked Bluemix account.

You cannot change your IBMid, but you can edit your profile information associated with it. For more information about editing your profile, visit IBMid profile.