MongoDB a fully featured NoSQL server that is horizontally scalable to meet your enterprise class database service needs.  MongoDB can be ordered at no cost via the SoftLayer shopping cart or requested with an OS reload. Currently the following operating systems are supported:

    CentOS 6.x
    RHEL 6.x
    Ubuntu 12.04
    Debian 6.x

Some items of note when provisioning a SL-MongoDB installation:

  • Mongod (the MongoDB service) will be bound only to your private network interface, by default.    MongoDB will be provisioned with an administrative user pre-configured. The username will be 'admin' and the password will be the same as the server's root password.
  • If you are ordering a MongoDB Solution, like a replica set cluster, then your admin password will be set on all MongoDB server in the solution at the end of the cluster configuration process.

If you would like to learn more about MongoDB or are looking for technical documentation and support, we recommend visiting the links provided below:

     MongoDB Document Library
     MongoDB Forums and Open Source Support
     Karl Seguin's The Little Mongo DB Book (PDF)