Provisioning Scripts

Provisioning Scripts may be downloaded to a device during the provisioning process from a URL specified during the time of order creation. For existing accounts, Provisioning Scripts are managed within the Customer Portal. Additionally, scripts for new accounts or scripts that are not yet tracked on the Customer Portal may be entered manually during the ordering process.

During the provisioning process, scripts associated with an HTTP URL are downloaded to the device and must be manually executed on the device by an administrator after it has been provisioned. Scripts associated with an HTTPS URL are downloaded and executed. Provisioning Scripts are currently available on standard Linux operating systems (Cent, RHEL, Fedora, Debian, or Ubuntu) as well as Windows and FreeBSD. Other systems such as, Vyatta, Netscaler, Xenserver, Vmware are not supported. The provisioning script may be any type of file that is executable by the operating system, including combined binary files or any OS supported language.