Service Status

The SoftLayer Customer Portal is the central location to view all upcoming maintenance notifications. Checking the Customer Portal site frequently ensures you are up-to-date with all planned service outages, so you and your users are aware of any upcoming issues and can plan accordingly.  Checking this site is also the first solution to learn about any unplanned issues that our network is experiencing, as well as, the plan of action to alleviate the problem.  If you are experiencing issues with the SoftLayer network or any of your services, check our Customer Portal site to ensure that it is not part of an ongoing maintenance plan or an issue that is currently in the process of being resolved.

You can also view a real-time Twitter feed @IBMBluemix. Formerly @SoftLayerNotify and @Softlayer, we’ve integrated with @IBMBluemix to become the cornerstone of your unified cloud experience.