Software Firewall


Software Firewall offerings provide customers with an inexpensive (or free) layer of security to supplement a system's security posture and provide protection from other systems within a VLAN.  Most Operating Systems have commonly used firewall packages included or readily available such as iptables for Linux and Windows Firewall for Windows servers.

Microsoft Windows Firewall

Microsoft Windows Firewall is a default package included with all versions of Windows.  SoftLayer can enable the firewall as part of the ordering process and include appropriate exceptions to allow a server to access SoftLayer services such as Evault backups and monitoring.

APF Software Firewall for Linux

APF is a netfilter based software firewall package developed by R-fx Networks designed to simply firewall configuration. SoftLayer can pre-deploy the package to a linux server to allow users to configure the appropriate policies once provisioning is complete.  Users can also provision rules as part of a post-provisioning script supplied during the ordering process.