Virtual Server

For current documentation (including Security Groups, Dedicated Hosts, and the new Public Virtual Server families), please visit instead.

Virtual Server Instances (VSIs) are scalable virtual servers purchased with dedicated cores and memory allocations. They are a great option for customers looking for compute resources that can be added in minutes with access to features like image templates. The hypervisor is fully managed by SoftLayer and configuration functionality is exposed via both the Control Portal and the API.  Virtual Servers are deployed to the same VLANs as physical servers allowing customers to spread workloads across VSI and bare metal servers and maintain interoperability. Virtual Servers are fully customizable at the time of order with options to scale up in place as the customer compute needs grow.

Customers choose from hourly or monthly billing, private (single tenancy) or public (multi tenancy), and high performance local disks or enterprise SAN storage.  Click "Learn More" for more details on the product and options.