Abuse FAQ

How do I report suspected abuse on my SoftLayer device?

SoftLayer customers may report suspected abuse by opening an abuse ticket on the SoftLayer Customer Portal. Refer to Create a Ticket for detailed instructions on opening a ticket in our Customer Portal.

I am not a SoftLayer customer but I want to report abuse coming from a SoftLayer device or IP address. How do I report abuse to SoftLayer?

If you wish to report abuse and are not a SoftLayer customer, please email our Abuse Department with specific details regarding the abuse, including the IP address from which the abuse is suspected and the type of abuse that you would like to report. Please review our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) so that you may better understand how SoftLayer categorizes abuse.

I received a notification that an Abuse Ticket has been opened under my account - what happened?

Abuse Tickets are opened to alert our clients of abusive behavior on a device. These tickets are generally the first indication of a security issue on the server, ranging from a rogue user to a server compromise, or “rooted” server. These tickets indicate the server is a live threat, defined as an unsecured server that is actively engaged in AUP violations.

What is my responsibility after an Abuse Ticket has been opened under my account?

We understand that seeing abuse associated with your account can be worrisome. It is extremely important that you keep an open line of communication during the investigation and resolution of the abuse that was reported. Without confirmation of your ongoing progress to resolve the issue, we must assume the server is still accessible to the malicious user(s) and that further AUP violations will occur. Lack of communication when attempting to reconcile abuse issues on a device may result to service interruption in order to protect SoftLayer’s infrastructure, network and other customers.