Perform a Speed Test


SoftLayer SpeedTests are utilized to check the uploade and download speed between your IP and any data center on the SoftLayer network. Follow the steps below to complete a Speed Test.

Perform a Speed Test

  1. Access SoftLayer's SpeedTest website.
  2. Hover over the geographic location of the desired data center. Each data center is indicated by a black icon with a server in it.
  3. Select the data center within the chosen geographic location. The Speed Test will begin immediately.
    Note: Clicking the browser's back button at any time will cancel the Speed Test and redirect you away from the SpeedTest website.

What Happens Next

After running the test, both download and upload speeds are displayed above your IP address and the chosen data center location. To test the same data center again, click the Test Again button. To test a new data center, click the New Test button. Navigate away from the page by closing the browser or entering a new destination in the browser's address bar.