VMware 6

IBM Cloud from SoftLayer provides the unique capability for customers to provision dedicated bare metal servers upon which they can deploy their own VMware based private cloud. For example, this enables the creation of a hybrid cloud where on-premise VMware based servers, tooling, and processes could be extended into the public cloud.

VMware administrators can quickly realize cost-effective hybrid cloud characteristics by deploying into SoftLayer’s enterprise-grade Global Cloud. A key SoftLayer differentiator is that vSphere workloads and catalogs can be provisioned onto VMware vSphere environments within SoftLayer's Global Cloud data centers without modification to VMware VMs or guests. The use of a common vSphere hypervisor and management/orchestration platform makes these deployments possible. vSphere implementations in SoftLayer also enable utilization of other components of the VMware vCloud Suite – vSphere, vRealize, vSAN, Site Recovery Manager (SRM), and NSX.

The core objective of the VMware@SoftLayer is to assist vSphere administrators deploy VMware vSphere environments within a SoftLayer infrastructure. SoftLayer has several specific capabilities that give VMware administrators the flexibility of consuming bare metal instances and network, storage, and backup and recovery constructs in a self-service manner. These constructs can then be used to deploy fully functional vSphere implementations, which can be built to extend or replace on-premise vSphere implementations

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