Introduction to Citrix NetScaler

Load Balancing

NetScaler brings load balancing to a new level by supporting layer 4 and layer 7. In addition to public and private network load balancing Citrix NetScaler supports numerous load balancing methods:

Application and Protocol Acceleration

  • Round Robin
  • Least Connection
  • Least Response
  • URL Hash
  • Domain Hash
  • Destination IP Hash
  • Source IP Hash
  • Least Bandwidth
  • Least Packets
  • Source IP Destination IP Hash
  • LRTM
  • Source IP Source Port Hash
  • Call ID Hash
  • Custom Load
  • Token
  • Citrix AppCache allows the NetScaler to cache static and dynamically generated application content thus optimizing traffic like web mail and remote desktop sessions amongst others

    Application Security

    Customers can take advantage of security features like, Application content filtering, Access Gateway, Web Application Firewall to secure application traffic.

    Traffic Filtering

    Filters requests from end users to the servers and responses from the servers to end users NetScaler also protects using its learning feature which profiles each specific user's session in real time to determine if traffic to and from that user is appropriate in light of previous requests from the user during the session.

    PCI-DSS Reporting

    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard consists of twelve criteria that most credit card companies require business that process online payments to meet. The PCI-DSS reports consists of a list of those criteria that are relevant to your Application Firewall configuration. The report also lists whether or not your current configuration meets those criterion and how to configure the application firewall to meet those standards.

    Global Load Balancing (GSLB)

    Netscaler Platinum Edition extends the LB beyond the local boundaries of the datacenter with GSLB functionality. (Platinum Edition)

    Extend your Datacenter

    NetScaler CloudBridge provides a simple way to extend your datacenter to SoftLayer with wizard driven menus. (Platinum Edition)