Launch Rescue Kernel


Rescue Kernel is SoftLayer's live rescue environment, designed to provide customers with the ability to bring a Bare Metal Server or Virtual Server online in order to troubleshoot system issues that would normally only be resolved through OS Reload. Rescue Kernel must be initiated on the SoftLayer Customer Portal. Follow the steps below to launch Rescue Kernel for a Device:

Launch Rescue Kernel

  1. From menu bar, mouse over Devices and click Device List.
  2. Click the Device Name to rescue.
  3. Click the Actions drop down list at the upper right corner.
  4. Select Rescue.
  5. Click the Yes button to transition your device to Rescue Kernel immediately. Click the No button to cancel the action.

*For Virtual Servers running Windows, rescue will need to be initiated by navigating to the portal >> Devices >> Device List >> Select Device Name >> Actions >> Boot From Image >> Select Boot From This Image next to the public image, WindowsRescueStandalone.iso. To boot back to normal, follow the same steps to find "Boot from Image". Once you click Boot From Image, you will be prompted to unmount the rescue image and reboot.

What Happens Next

After launching Rescue Kernel, the device is powered down and rebooted into the rescue kernel for the device's operating system. This may take several minutes.

Remote access to the device is available from the device's IP address; the root or admin credentials for the devices recorded on the SoftLayer Customer Portal should be used to access the device in Rescue Kernel. Troubleshooting, issue discovery, and issue resolution may be performed as if on a regularly booted device. When accessing the device through Rescue Kernel, mount drives into the Rescue Kernel OS, if necessary. To exit Rescue Kernel and return your device to it regular environment, reboot the device in the Customer Portal or reboot from Rescue Kernel OS.