Add a Standard Monitor to a Device


Standard Monitors provide Host Ping monitoring with additional options for notification upon failure, if desired. Standard Monitors and automated notification are offered free-of-charge to all users and are available on both physical and virtual devices. To learn more about our Standard Monitoring slow and service pings, refer to Service/Slow Ping FAQ. Follow the steps below add a Standard Monitor to a device.

Add a Standard Monitor

  1. Access the Monitoring screen in the Customer Portal. Refer to Access the Monitoring Screen.
  2. Click the Monitor Status link in the Basic column for the desired device to view the Monitors screen for the device.
  3. Select the desired IP Address for monitoring from the IP Address drop down list.
    Note: Public and Private IP Addresses are available for monitoring. Each IP address is identified on the Server Info tab at the top of the screen.
  4. Select the desired Monitor Type from the Monitor Type drop down list.
  5. Select the Notification Status from the Notify? drop down list.
  6. Select the Notification Time Frame from the Notify Wait drop down list.
    Note: The Notify Wait selection is not required when no notification will be sent.
  7. Click the Add Monitor button to add the monitor.

What Happens Next

After a monitor is added, it will appear in the Edit Existing Monitors section with a status of Pending. After the monitor is established on the back end, a status of Up indicates that the selected IP is active, while Down indicates that the selected IP is not responding to the ping. If notification has been selected for the monitor, users are notified in the specified time frame any time the IP does not respond to the ping. Existing monitors may be edited and deleted at any time.